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Firewise Communities

Live in a Firewise community?
You may be eligible for a discount on your homeowners insurance.
Read more here.

The Firewise USA® Program (sponsored by the National Fire Protection Agency or "NFPA") provides resources to help homeowners learn how to increase the fire resistance of their homes and properties. Firewise communities raise awareness, organize at the community level, and take action to create fire-adapted communities.

Learn more about the NFPA's Firewise USA program here. See the list of Sierra County Firewise communities below.


Sierra County Firewise Communities

Below is a list of recognized and aspiring Sierra County Firewise sites (as of April 2022) with links to the site's FaceBook page or website if applicable. Get involved with your local group today!




Goodyears Bar

Loyalton Pines 

Use this interactive map to view all Firewise sites across the U.S.

Potential Insurance Discounts for Firewise Communities and/or Hardened Homes

Several insurance companies offer community-wide and/or property-specific discounts if you live in a designated Firewise or shelter-in-place community, or for certain defensible space/fire mitigation efforts. Visit the California Department of Insurance website to see if you may be eligible for a discount.


Verify information regarding discounts with your insurance company. Discounts/conditions may have changed since posting this link. Fire Safe cannot guarantee the accuracy of information posted on 3rd-party websites.

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