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Prepare Yourself

Know how to prepare yourself and your family for a potential evacuation due to wildfire or other emergency.

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Evacuation & Notification Links

Get alerted via email, text, or phone about emergencies and other important news.

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Find your zone and check its status to stay informed. Get updates through the genasys Protect mobile app.

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Downloadable Resources

"Go-Bag" Checklist
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Instead of scrambling to grab critical supplies in the midst of  chaos, a "go-bag" can help you remain calm and composed. Download and print this handy list of important items.

Evacuation Plan
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Be prepared BEFORE you need to evacuate! Use this guide to prepare yourself, your family, your home, and your pets. Includes emergency action plan and supply checklists.

Prep & Evac Guide
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What's the first thing you should do when wildfire strikes? What if you become trapped in your home or vehicle? Read this brochure to give your family the best chance of surviving a wildfire.

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