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Below is a listing of current Sierra County projects by agency.* (Click on the project name to scroll to full project description):

Sierra County Fire Safe Council ("Fire Safe Sierra County")

Sierra Valley Resource Conservation District (RCD)

Sierra County

US Forest Service Fuels Projects - COMING SOON!

*As of April 1, 2022. Fire Safe Sierra County is providing this list as a general overview of current Sierra County wildfire mitigation, forest resiliency, and related projects and aims to maintain the list on a regular basis; however, this listing may not be all-inclusive or up-to-date. For current and/or more specific information, please contact the related agency directly.


Sierra County Fire Safe Council

Sierraville Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Project

Funding Source: USFS Non-Federal Lands Grant

Project Objective: Reduction of hazardous fuels upon approximately 65 acres within and adjacent to the community of Sierraville

Location: Sierraville, CA

Award Date: 6/25/2020

Expiration Date: 8/31/2022

Current Status: Project design finalized, bid to be released during April 2022, implementation anticipated May-June 2022.

Sierraville WUI Project Map.png

Sierra Valley Resource Conservation District Forest/Fuels

Sierra Brooks - Smithneck Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Project

Funding Source: Sierra Nevada Conservancy Grant #1314

Project Objective: The primary purposes of the project are to improve forest health, increase forest resiliency, reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire adjacent to the community, and provide for future opportunities for prescribed underburning.

Location: Loyalton, CA, adjacent to the community of Sierra Brooks.

Award Date: August 2021

Expiration Date: December 31, 2024

Current Status: Project layout complete, bid to be released April 2022, implementation anticipated to being June 2022.

Smithneck WUI_Map_2022.png

Sierra County

Greene Acres Forest Health Planning

Funding Source: Sierra Nevada Conservancy Grant #1263

Project Objective: This grant provides funding to Sierra County to complete pre-implementation resource reports and surveys and prepare NEPA and CEQA documents. This planning and environmental compliance would support future implementation of the Greene Acres Forest Health Planning Project, with the goal of protecting life and property in the community of Greene Acres by improving forest health and reducing the risk of wildfire in the Wildland Urban Interface on National Forest System Lands adjacent to the community.

Location: Community of Greene Acres, approximately 5 miles north of Sierra City, CA.

Award Date: 3/2020

Expiration Date: 12/31/2022

Current Status: Pre-implementation and resource reports and surveys underway by US Forest Service.

Upper North Yuba Forest Health and Resilience Project


Funding Source: Sierra Nevada Conservancy Grant #1023

Project Objective: Sierra Nevada Conservancy has provided funding to Sierra County to work with Tahoe National Forest, Yuba Ranger District, to reduce hazardous fuels and implement aspen restoration measures on 267 acres of national forest system lands. The goals of this project are to increase forest health, maintain emergency access during wildfire, protect water resources, and preserve the health of aspen stands.

Location: Bassetts, CA.

Award Date: 9/2018

Expiration Date: 06/30/2022

Current Status: Project design complete, timber marking underway spring 2022; grant extension in effort to extend project funding.

County Coordinator Grant

Funding Source: California Fire Safe Council

Project Objective: The County Coordinator grant funds two contract positions to assist with improving county-wide wildfire resiliency in Sierra County. The County Coordinator and Outreach Specialist positions will work within the Sierra County Fire Safe Council to develop local collaboration between fire mitigation and emergency preparedness groups, communities, government agencies and stakeholders to enhance Sierra County’s wildfire preparedness and resilience. The County Coordinator will also serve as the Sierra County Fire Safe Council Coordinator during the term of the grant. The County Coordinator and Outreach Specialist will coalesce the wildfire mitigation groups, assess constraints and needs regarding wildfire resiliency efforts, and make recommendations to address deficiencies in mitigation efforts. This grant is also intended to invigorate and bolster the Sierra County Fire Safe Council such that the Council can continue to grow and enhance its role in helping Sierra County residents become better prepared for wildfire.

Location: Sierra County, CA.

Award Date: 11/2021

Expiration Date: 03/31/2023

Current Status: Contract positions hired, county-wide census survey underway, Firewise Community Meeting and agency collaboration underway to inform the Wildfire Resiliency Program of Work, estimated to be in draft form during July 2022.

Sierra County Regional Forest and Fire Capacity Program Early Action Funding

Funding Source: Sierra Nevada Conservancy Regional Forest and Fire Capacity Program (RFFCP) Early Action Funding

Project Objective: Sierra County is the recipient of the California Fire Safe Council’s (CFSC) County Coordinator Grant, which will fund a Fire Safe Council Coordinator and Outreach Specialist, and development of a county-wide Wildfire Resiliency Program of Work. The RFFCP funding will be utilized to extend the timeframes for deliverables of the Sierra County Fire Safe Council staff positions beyond the March 2023 term of the CFSC grant, prepare projects identified in the Program of Work to shovel-ready, and apply for additional grant funding to sustain the Council. The RFFCP funding will also provide for additional capacity building through development of a county-wide Geographic Information System to assist with gap analyses and project planning. Key deliverables provided by the Sierra County contract County Forester will also be provided through the RFFCP funding. These deliverables include project collaboration and planning upon Federal forest lands within the Sierra County, such as the North Yuba Forest Partnership, and use of the County’s Master Stewardship Agreement with the Tahoe National Forest. Additional County Forester deliverables include an update to the Sierra County Fire Plan, and grant writing for those grants where the County is the Grantee. Therefore, the RFFCP funding will ensure the continuance of collaborative planning by the county Fire Safe Council and the development and implementation of projects within the Wildfire Resiliency Program of Work to increase the pace and scale of forest restoration projects within the county.

Location: Sierra County, CA.

Award Date: 04/2022

Expiration Date: 12/31/2024

Current Status: Grant Agreement is in development.

North Yuba Forest Partnership (NYFP)

NYFP map 2.png

Project Objective: Started in 2018, this partnership focuses on prioritizing, planning and executing landscape-scale forest health projects on nearly 275,000 acres of Sierra Nevada forests. Made up of diverse perspectives and interests, this collaborative will address forest health for biodiversity, habitat, clean and abundant water, carbon storage, fire protection, and recreational opportunities. Nine entities make up the official project partners and are signatories of the North Yuba Partnership MOU, including Sierra County, US Forest Service Tahoe National Forest, Yuba Water Agency, South Yuba River Citizens League, The Nature Conservancy, Camptonville Community Partnership, The Nisenan, The National Forest Foundation, and Blue Forest Conservatio..

Location: The North Yuba watershed stretches from New Bullards Bar Reservoir east up to the Sierra Crest along Highway 49. The Landscape is approximately 275,000 acres, of which approximately 210,000 acres are National Forest System lands within Sierra County, with just the westernmost portions of the project area in Yuba County.

Current Status: See “Updates” on the home page of the NYFP website.